Perfect Words: asking for the sale

We are programmed to view asking for the sale as a difficult, challenging, and defeating task. So it is no wonder that with that mindset at play, most of us can’t stand asking for the sale. 

The great thing is that everything we have learned about sales is wrong. 

We don’t need to manipulate people into saying yes. We don’t need to beat them over the head with facts and figures. We don’t need to assume that they are total morons who can’t figure the basics of life out. 

Selling is an invitation. Just like as a kid you invited people to your birthday party. That is exactly what we are doing as adults. You are inviting people that you like to come and enjoy what is your brand. 

And just like with your party, it was a bummer when people said “no.” But it was their choice and you moved on. Same holds true with your brand. If they say, “no” that’s a bummer because you know how much fun they would have had, but you move on. 

So what are the perfect words to say when asking for the sale, “ I would like to invite you…”

Summer DesignAli Craig