Product Presentation: what’s your product life like

When we talk about product life many businesses think about the life cycle of the product-aka how long will it last. But what we should really be thinking about is what is our product’s life like when our consumer takes it home. 

Ideally, from a brand and marketing perspective we don’t want to be the product that sits on the shelf and collects dust and nor do we want to be tossed into the junk drawer or worse the waste bin. 

We must become just as obsessed with the every day or event triggered functionality of our product or service if we want our brands to become part of our audiences lives. And that, of course, is what we all want- repeat and lifelong business as well as brand loyalty. 

If by chance you are unsure about what your product’s life is like then do some research. But whatever the research tells you to find a way to always be part of your audiences’ everyday lives be that because they use your product or that they experience the tangible results of your work. 

Because being top of mind to your audience means that you are the top industry earner as well as influencer too.

Summer SalesAli Craig