Featured Article stop playing cheap

There is massive misinformation that being the low price leader of your industry is a good thing. That giving widely crazy discounts is the way to go, and that giving away your best information will lead to more success. 

Not true.

Being the low price leader is just like a dog chasing its tail. You will never win and eventually, you will just wear yourself out. The crazy discount thing is none the better because you are basically telling your audience you are a liar. That your product isn’t really worth 100 bucks that the truth is it is only $19.95 quality. And the idea of giving your best information away for free is called bait and switch people. 

All of these may get you sales in the short term, but they won’t grow your success in the long term. 

The truth is that people don’t want cheap. But they take cheap when (1) there is nothing else out there and (2) they don’t know of other solutions. 

Stop playing the cheap card and start building a brand with calibur and class because that is what gains you longer term brand and bottom line success.

Summer SalesAli Craig