Why build it and they will come never works

Here’s the truth for 30 years Kevin Coster has lied to you. (SAAAAYYYY WHAT?!?!)

Kevin Costner lied when he said, “Build it and they will come.” Maybe that works in baseball, but it doesn’t work in business because building it is the easy part. 

Having an idea and bringing it into reality is relatively simple. We have thousands of social stories showing us how to do just that. But what we don’t see is the next step. And this is why Kevin lied. 

There are a lot of steps between build it and bought it. And it is all those details, all those struggles that our social stories fail to tell us. Because of that we get awfully disappointed when we build it and they don’t come. 

Let’s rewrite the story. Let’s build it and then let’s tell people about it. Let’s show them why they want to come, should come, and need to come. Let’s show everyone who is coming and having a fabulous time. And let’s keep doing this, day after day. 

Yes, consistency is key here. 

So let’s accept the fact that Kevin missed a few steps on the logistics of being a profitable business and focus on what long term success really looks like for you.