Neuro Human Branding® the social story of success

We all want to be successful. And if you were raised in Western society, then success to you equates to business, money, titles, and things. 

But our desire for success roots even deeper than just the social stories that we were surrounded with growing up. Success and our desire for it is on many levels built into our DNA and human condition. It is natural for us to desire to be viewed as and feel significant. We want to be the “top dog” because they don’t get kicked out of the tribe. 

But what does that for your brand, audience, and creating social proof for your business?

It means that as much as you desire success so does your audience. So how does your brand story give your audience success? Can there be two white knights that save the day? 

Many times as brands we are the ones who are “successful” because our brand stories position us as the hero/savior- aka the white knight. But if your audience is desiring success then what does that mean for them?

Consider rewriting your brand story so that your customer experiences success just as much as your brand does.