Client Experience: how are you getting your clients off

Brand relationships are very much like dating. And for many businesses, once they make the sale the relationship between brand and client tends to end like a bad one night stand. One person sneaking out in the dark trying to find the other clothes and the other person wondering “WTF?!?!”

No matter what side of that relationship you are on no one is the winner and same holds true with your brand. But far too often, we as businesses fail to think about our client relationship after the sale or services rendered. It isn’t like the client goes away and honestly is that what you want for your overall brand- disappearing, never to be seen again or heard from again clients. I sure hope not. 

So before your next client says “Yes” and ends up wondering “WTF?!?!” think about how once services are rendered you are going to consciously transition the relationship to one that continues to evolve and grow, but clearly shows that your current services are over.

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