On The Edge

Everyone wants to be the first. The leader, on the cutting edge, and the earlier adopter of the next big thing. For small businesses that is the world of artificial intelligence (AI). But with AI all a buzz is it a smart investment for a business or simply a waste of time, money, and marketing power?

To best understand the avenue to take, we first must understand the difference between automated and AI. Automated is all about the “set and forget it” model. AI is about understanding your customers wants, needs and desires before they know they have them. 

With that definition of AI, doesn’t it sound like the smartest move ever?!?! To be able to have your social media suggestions or shopping cart recommendations populate items that your audience wants and doesn’t even know it?!?! Think of the increases in sales!

That is what AI is good for. That impulse buy approach does increases sales. 

But when it comes to building that relationship. Putting a face to your brand, AI fails. Because as soon as people realize the game being played. Your business loses heart and you are now a logistical provider not a sought after brand experience. For many small brands that is the death to their business because their businesses are built on relationships. 

Though AI is the new shiny object in the small business marketplace. Businesses need to be smart about how they use such a powerful tool.