Luxury Branding the mindset and market of luxury

When creating social proof, you must know where your brand stands within the market as well as how your customers perceive it. 

Many businesses view their brands as essentials to their audience’s success. But the truth is that none of what we offer are essentials. We are not offering the basics of clothing, shelter, food, or water - so therefore what we offer are luxuries. 

Now it can be scary for a business to view itself as a luxury, trust me I have been helping businesses make this mental shift for the last 20 years, but the truth is that there is great freedom in owning your luxury status.

First off the mindset. Being a luxury brand means that your audience chooses you. They don’t need you, they want you. Therefore your brand relationship is one of choice, exclusivity, and respect. 

And this mindset shift directly impacts how you market and grow your brand. You aren’t trying to offer more for less money. You are offering less for more money. You aren’t a disposable brand you are a sought after experience. 

And with those two shifts alone, all things become clear such as when and how to engage with your audience, pricing, discounts, and what the end transformation is for each of you. 

Yes, being a luxury brand is what you have always been. Owning your luxury brand status is the answer to your prayers.

Summer DesignAli Craig