Brand Visuals 3 out of the box ways to viral visuals

Remember the viral videos of the mid-2000’s - o’ those were the days. And as marketers, we secretly wish that those days would return. That some post or picture that we create can have the viral effect that those videos did. 

Let’s be honest, viral pretty much isn’t going to be happening on that massive of a scale anymore. But that doesn’t mean that your brand visuals can't create an audience or industry stir. 

  1. Go big. People are scared of going big because of the potential loss at play. Trust yourself and go big.

  2. Details will break the deal. Don’t skimp on the details. You may think “does this really matter” and the answer is yes. Pay attention to and be thoughtful about all the details.

  3. Stop thinking just photography. Your brand visuals are everything from your photos to your videos, graphics, packaging, anything that represents your brand and that people see are your brand visuals. 

When you begin to play big and play outside of the box of standard brand visuals, people begin to take notice. And that is a very good thing.

Summer DesignAli Craig