Letter From The Editor

The truth is testimonials are only good social proof if your audience knows who these testimonials are from. And though testimonials are the original form of social proof, today's marketplace allows us the opportunity to build connections fast.

More than just lovely words, creating true social proof is about how to make your business stand out in a clear, united, and strong manner. This is what Social + Proof the magazine and docu-series tv show sets out to teach the modern entrepreneur: how to master the modern marketplace with social proof.

Entrepreneurs are at a loss on how to create influential, social proof in today's online and international marketplace. This is a multimedia project: a monthly digital magazine, print magazine, and docu-series TV show which will be featured on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV's Brandpreneur™ Channel.

This month our print and digital magazine begin to take form with our first issue talking about modern marketing. And as you can already see we are a bit atypical in our approach. Short, sweet, bitesize, and on the go. We offer you a zero fluff, no theory, what works approach. Because we know that you don’t need to be reading. You need to be doing.

May The Force Be With You!